1. Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia Pty Ltd (“Producer”) will only accept applications submitted online. 

2. Applicants must be either Australian Citizens or have had permanent residence in Australia for a minimum period of 2 years.  

3. Female applications will not be accepted if the female applicant’s age is less than 23 years of age or over 45 years of age by midnight 1st March, 2019 AEDT. 

4. Male applications will not be accepted if the Male applicant’s age is less than 25 years of age or over 40 years of age by midnight 1st March, 2019 AEDT.

5. You (being The Applicant) acknowledge that the application submitted is completed truthfully and has been completed by you.

6. By applying for this programme you acknowledge that you are NOT employed by, contracted to or otherwise associated with any news or media associations, including web based businesses, anywhere in the world. 

7. Applications will not be accepted if the Applicant is related to or associated with (including by being employed or contracted by or personally related to someone employed or contracted by) the Producer or previous producers or broadcasters of the programme ‘The Bachelor Australia” or related programmes or any entity that is related or associated with the Producer or such previous producers or broadcasters.

8. You should not contact the Producer regarding the status of your application. The Producer will be in contact with you if you are successfully through to the next round of casting. 

9. Your submission of your application is not an offer or any representation that you will be considered to or will appear on the Programme. 

10. The selection of applicants for the Programme will be made at the sole discretion of the Producer.  The Producer will not engage in any correspondence in relation to their selection of applicants.

11. You must ensure that you are in good physical and mental health and prove that there is no medical, psychological or additional condition, injury or illness that could affect or hinder your participation in the programme.

12. You hereby acknowledge that: 

(a) you are aware of the potential risks associated with participating in the Programme and acknowledge that there is the potential for it to be both physically and emotionally demanding; and

(b) If any of the information you give in the application form is false, the Producer will be entitled to exclude you from the participant selection process for the Programme.

13. You hereby warrant and represent that: 

(a) you are not a user of any illegal drugs or substances; and

(b) you will answer all of the questions in the application form fully, honestly and accurately and you confirm that you have not misled or attempted to mislead the Producer in any way as to your identity or experiences in any other way.

14. If you are selected by the Producer as part of the application process, to proceed with casting for the Programme you must agree to: 

(a) submit to any medical or psychological assessments or testing (including screening for drugs and illnesses required by the Producer at times and dates nominated by the Producer;

(b) provide all information required for the purposes of conducting the assessments or testing referred to in paragraph (a) above;

(c) execute and deliver to the Producer all documents (including, release forms, confidentiality agreements, consents to police checks and other agreements relating to your participation in casting or the Programme) in the form required by the Producer;

(d) make yourself available for production at promotion of the Programme at times, dates and locations required by the Producer;

(e) provide the Producer with such information and documentation as is necessary to enable the Producer to make such enquiries as the Producer requires to confirm your identity, age, background, criminal or health record; and

(f) participate in filming of the Programme on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis during filming periods nominated by the Producer;

(g) when engaging in such participation, interact with other participants in the Programme and comply with the Producer’s reasonable directions from time to time.

15. In consideration for being considered by the Producer in the casting process for the Programme you:

(a) agree that any footage recorded by the Producer during the casting process may be used by the Producer or its licensees in the Programme and the Producer and its licensees may exploit the Programme throughout the world in perpetuity in all media.

(b) waive any moral rights in or to such footage;

(c) acknowledge that the Producer may edit or adapt such footage in any way it sees fit;

(d) consent to the Producer and its licensees exploiting your voice, name, image, likeness, acts or omissions and any materials or information collected by the Producer through the casting process for the purpose of producing and exploiting the Programme throughout the world in perpetuity in all media.

16. You acknowledge that all information and matters relating to the application process, and your participation in it must be kept confidential. All information that you obtain about the casting process, the Programme and its production, publicity and exploitation and the businesses of the Producer and its licensees is for the purposes of these terms and conditions, Confidential Information.

17. Except as otherwise required by applicable law, you must:

(a) keep the Confidential Information confidential;

(b) not use the Confidential Information for any purpose other than the purpose of your participation in the casting process; and

(c) except with the Producer’s prior written consent which may be withheld in the Producer’s absolute discretion not disclose the Confidential Information to any other person.

18. Without limiting paragraph 17, you must not make any statement or give any interview about your participation in the casting process via any platform (including via any media outlet or any social media platform).

19. To the maximum extent permitted by law, You hereby discharge, waive, and release the Producer, its employees, contractors and licensees from any claims, demands or liability of any kind whatsoever, including without limitation, those grounded upon alleged violation of, or interference with, privacy, any accident, illness or injury, or in respect of any footage/recording made of you, or arising in connection with your participation in the casting for and/or production of the Programme (including in relation to the use of any materials provided by me in the Programme).  Without limiting the foregoing and to the maximum extent permitted by law, I agree that my remedies in relation to my participation casting for and/or production of the Programme are limited to the right to recover damages at law and the Producer’s cumulative aggregate liability to me in relation to my participation in the casting for and/or production of the Programme will not exceed $1,000. 

20. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of New South Wales.